About Sandcastles Home Watch

Donna Marie Tarabbio

I am Donna Marie Tarabbio, your Home Watch Professional and the owner of Sandcastles Home Watch LLC.  Sandcastles Home Watch is insured, bonded, an NHWA Member, and a member of the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce.

I am a meticulous organizer with an exacting eye for minor details.  Little slips by me.  Whether open or close for the season, perform off-season interior and exterior inspections or create an inviting, stress-free arrival with concierge/delivery services. Sandcastles HW is dependable, highly trained, and addresses your needs with thoroughness, respect, and integrity – communicating with you every step of the way.

An exciting path led me to provide you with the utmost professional standards and care. 

While attending a Cape May Realtors Association event, as an Affiliate Member, I met Jacqueline Moon.  Confident, warm, and friendly, she approaches and, with a smile, says: So, I hear we are competitors.  I laughed and responded, we are not competitors, but colleagues helping each other grow successful businesses.  With that, we became friends. We became each other’s champions.  As life does take us down many paths, Jacqueline approached me with a request.  Would I purchase her business, care for her clients, and continue the Sandcastles mantra for Excellence? I was honored. She started Sandcastles Home Watch in 2017 wanted to pass the torch to me.

So here I am, dedicated, driven to carry on the highest standards, assisting Seasonal homeowners, Second and Primary homeowners, in managing and maintaining their homes, with experience, dedication, reliability, and above all, caring and trust. I am keeping a watchful eye on your Beach House to intercept the issues that result in costly disasters. 

Please, give me a call. I would enjoy sharing the importance of Home Watch, customize your service, and how I can serve you best.


Your Castle, Our Priority – Who is watching over your Castle?

You want the best for not only your home but also yourself! Let Sandcastles Home Watch provide real