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Frequently Asked Questions about Home Watch Services

What is Home Watch? A visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues. 

A Home Watch Service offers you peace-of-mind by serving as your eyes, ears and nose while you're away from your home. Most companies create a checklist of items that you would like to have visually inspected on a regularly 

scheduled basis with the results reported back to you. When a situation arises or is found, you and your Sandcastles Home Watch reporter will have predetermined the course of action you would like to be taken. For instance, if something minor, like security lights are burned out, you may have agreed that the reporter will replace them with bulbs you have left at the home. If in the case of a more serious situation, like a broken pipe, you may have agreed that your Home Watch reporter should first contact your plumber and then follow-through by notifying you as to the nature of the emergency. In addition, we offer a variety of other services that make your stays at your home more enjoyable. 

What are the advantages of subscribing to a Home Watch Service?

The biggest advantage is having peace-of-mind knowing that a local professional, who is fully bonded, insured and experienced, is looking after your home while you're away. Have you ever wondered if your kids, even you, remembered to close and lock all of the doors and windows following a visit? Was there any damage or flooding to your property following a recent nor'easter? What if the unit above yours has a hot water heater that is leaking into your condo? These are just a few scenarios among hundreds. 

When you are a Sandcastles Home Watch client you also know that we were actually in your home because of the QRIDit GPS enabled software that we use. A report is sent to you following each visit. You can also log into your account anytime to review any notes that we made, including photos and videos, during our visits. 

How is a Home Watch service different from what our local police department offers for free? 

Home Watch service is much more than what your police department may offer and it would be unreasonable to expect that monitoring your home is the police department's #1 priority. It's just not feasible. Per a retired police officer who is now in the Home Watch business, "I was on the Police Department and I can tell you what is done. They have an "away" list in the cars. When they get a chance they take a swing past the vacant homes. What they look for mostly is break-ins. If the doors and windows feel locked, the home is considered secure." 

Sandcastles Home Watch checks are done on a regularly scheduled basis. Outside we are clearing signs of a vacant home such as fliers, newspapers and mail as well as looking for signs of break-ins and suspicious activity. We check that security lighting is working properly and replace bulbs as needed. We also check the inside of your home room-by-room looking for leaks, infestations, or other issues and then report this back to you immediately following the visit. 

Why not just use my neighbor or relative who lives close by?

Neighbors, relatives and friends may be well-meaning but this isn't their job. It's a favor they do. You may be putting them in an uncomfortable position to be trusted to look after one of your most valuable assets without proper experience or insurance. When you are a Sandcastles Home Watch client you know that your home will be looked after by a's our job. 

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes. We carry general liability insurance and are bonded. We bring our policies for your review when we meet with you. 

Is Home Watch a Security Service? 

No. A Home Watch company does not provide security alarm systems or security drive-bys. It may however deter intruders from entering your home because of the presence of someone going in and out. We also remove evidence of a vacant home by clearing mailers, fliers, newspapers and packages. We also check that security lights are working properly and that there are no signs of intrusion (i.e. broken windows or forced entry).

We appreciate your business!

We are invested in upholding the highest industry standards to serve our clients 

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